Thursday, January 5, 2017

Let's Get Started: Here's a Simple Introduction

Greetings & Salutations!

We can start 2017 by proudly announcing recent restructuring SNEFCA (formerly CFCA) went through has been fully completed; the Board of Directors worked diligently, extremely hard & most importantly, we worked together as a team. Collectively we created the SNEFCA Mission Statement which will better define what we do and what we are about. We hope that all involved, in the flooring industry, will support our purpose.

We are SNEFCA, the Southern New England Floor Covering Association. Operating out of Connecticut's Hartford district, we're here to serve all of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. We're also an affiliate to the World Floor Covering Association, which we'll keep you updated on as well.

If we're going to be honest, 2016 was a quiet year for us. Although we had the best of intentions to provide our members with fun social outings and educational events, the arduous paperwork involved with expansion of territory & changing our name resulted in many of those events being canceled, postponed or they had a limited attendance, so you may not have heard about them. With that being said, we were fortunate enough to close out the year with a handful of ups that outweighed those particular downs.

For one, we awarded three young and aspiring recipients with $500 academic scholarship awards. Following that, a $250 donation was made to The Hospital for Special Care (under the name of a person who has worked in the flooring community for decades who was diagnosed with ALS). 

In November we hosted a free dinner with guest speakers:
David Romano of Benchmarkinc who shared insights of the industry & Kaye Whitener of the WFCA who discussed the new tiered membership and their benefits. SNEFCA also awarded retiree of Dalene Flooring One, O'Neil Langley, with a Lifetime Achievement award.
Most recently our members rallied to participate in Coats for CT, a coat drive to help the less fortunate keep warm in the winter.

With the New Year underway, SNEFCA is very excited for what we have in store for our members in 2017. With two big events already set in stone (sorry, you'll have to come back to find out the details) and a superb team working on multiple certification seminars to help in education for both sales & installation we're headed into an exciting direction.

Before we sign-off on this blog, let's first clarify what SNEFCA is an acronym for. Of course, the obvious is true; Southern New England Floor Covering Association, that is probably a no-brainer to most. However, we used the letters to help create our mission statement & build our sub-committees.

S - sponsorship/membership, as a member you pay an annual fee. The fee helps pay for the operational costs to be the association we are and working towards becoming.

N- newsletter/networking, we're going to have news for you and we'll use every platform possible to get it out there, e-blasts, social media sites and quarterly newsletters.

E- education, with so many resources available, we're going to put them to use! Distributors, product reps. and the mighty WFCA provides us with a killer combination of endless possibility.

F- family, well, this one may seem a bit out of place, but let's take a second to learn why it isn't. 
At the end of the day, most people's priority is to get home to their family. Family is the reason we wake up in the morning and go to work to begin with, the reason we know love exists. We understand the importance of family, therefore we want our members to feel a desire to bring both worlds, flooring & family, together. Bottom line, we'll be hosting family friendly social events to provide an opportunity in which members can do so.

C- community, there are many ways we will contribute to our community. Participating in activities, as we did with the coat drive; or making monetary donations when possible.

A- awards/recognition, scholarships & lifetime achievement awards will always be annual; however we'd like to expand that by giving recognition for a "job well done" when possible within our newsletters or social media posts.

In order for SNEFCA to be successful, each sub-committee needs to work in tandem to get our best out there in the flooring world. With the help of our members' contributions and a dedicated Board of Directors eager to get 2017 rolling, this could most certainly be one of the best years the Southern New England flooring industry has seen in a long time.

What are some of your goals this year? What are some activities you would take part in, to make the flooring industry better? What can SNEFCA execute to help make YOU better?

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